Paul Y. is going dumb at the sideshow (captain_tragedy) wrote in buffalo_chips,
Paul Y. is going dumb at the sideshow

Subaru for sale

Anyone want to buy my car?

5spd 2005 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS (i.e., the base model), tires barely have 4000 miles, and I recently changed the oil. It might need front brake pads by the end of the year (I'll pull a wheel and look ASAP), and there's a door ding, but otherwise, it's in great shape.

I want to sell it because A) I don't like how much it costs to insure, and B) a while back, i actually read my financing agreement, and it turns out there's a $500 fee just to turn in my car at the end of the lease, never mind what other imperfections they'd try to charge me for.

Sensible offers are welcome.
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