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Electronic Music Show this Friday

We got a lil bit of everything for ya!


This is NOT a TechNoir dance night, it’s an electronic music show only.

DJ Believe will be DJing the best in Dubstep & Grime in between acts and after the last band has played.
So as you can see, this night will cover a wide variety of electronic music styles.

Artwork by N3wt will be on display, along with fun black lights, images projected on the screen, photography & drink specials!

Here’s some background info on each of the bands:

Aesthetic Macabre: Aesthetic Macabre is a dark EBM band that started in 1998 and came to fruition in 2002. The band was actively involved in the electronic scene playing live shows from 2003-2006. This will be their first live show in over 2 years! Come support them!

Kryszt: Established in Buffalo, NY in early 2006, Kryszt is an amalgamation of two previous projects that formed one unique sensory experience. Equally visual as they are musical, Kryszt is at the forefront of a rising genre consisting of electronic programming and traditional rock instrumentation. They also create digital artwork that accompanies their music. With a unique sound, philosophy, and motivation to succeed Kryszt is sure to be and upcoming band to watch.

Digital Geist: Either Digital Geist is a spawn of two men with multiple personalities, or they are just incredibly talented (I'm voting for the latter). although predominantly techno in nature, you can find elements of electro, psytrance, drum'n'bass, tribal and glitch/IDM on various tracks. It's impressive to find a project that can encompass all these genres, and do them all so well.

City of God: A dark electronic dance band based in Buffalo, NY. All their band members have at least some training. Band members: Todd (songwriting: music & lyrics, synthesizers, vocals, programming, recording, production, engineering, mixing) Qwak (songwriting: music, laptop, synthesizers, programming, recording, production, engineering, mixing) Melanie (songwriting: lyrics, synthesizers, vocals).
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