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Sketchy Buffalo's Journal
Copper - the 90's Band 
09:55pm 14/04/2010
  Hey folks,

To this day I still love this band and listen to "Drag Queen" often. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any footage that exists of the band playing live. (Assuming anyone still reads this and knows who the band is). I know they had a segment on Nickel City Scene years ago, so there is at least that.

This Friday 
12:12pm 26/08/2009

Insidious is no longer in the show- didn't have time to change the flyer.
Dogpile Clothing will be replacing Insidious
12:28pm 04/04/2009

The students from the University at Buffalo's Gaming and Anime clubs [SARPA and UBAnime] are proud to present:
UBConXX--Delusions of Grandeur
UB's 20th Annual Gaming and Anime Convention!
One of the largest of its kind in WNY!

Don't spend the weekend alone. Head up to UB's Student Union to play LARPS and RPGs for 72 hours. In between gaming stop by the Maid Cafe, where cute girls dressed in Anime-Cosplay-Maid outfits will serve you yummy food you can eat in one of our many Anime rooms (or Hentai rooms if you'd like that better)!

If you're into even more action than LARPS and RPGs, come for our NERF WAR OF 75 PEOPLE! Friday and Saturday night!

If Cosplaying is your thing--great! Come show off your stuff at our Friday night Costume Contest! All costumes accepted at long as they are "tasteful"! "Non-cosplay" costumes desired as well! Impress us!

Guest this year: Kyle Hebert--Voice actor for Dragon Ball Z (announcer, Gohan), Naruto (Kiba), Bleach (Ganju,) Gurren Lagann (Kamina) and more!

Prereg for an event or check out more at:
some paintings for sale, shoot me your offers 
10:36am 19/03/2009
  I have too many sitting in my basement, and If I hang them up I wont have any desire to sell them later...so I would love for these to go ;-)
Have a bunch of oils, acrylics, markers on drywall, and some UV reactive that look awesome under blacklights ;-)
(hint: If your into hallucinogens, the Texture series will make your head spin)
Click the pictures for more that are available.

10:26am 26/02/2009
  for anyone that's interested.
starts at 10

10:21am 03/10/2008
  Lookin' for somewhere to go in your Halloween costume this year?
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Paranormal group 
09:27pm 20/06/2008
   Hey, guys. My sisters and I have started a paranormal investigation group focusing on Buffalo and WNY sites. We have already done paranormal investigations in Buffalo with exciting results. If you are interested in keeping abrest of investigations, please join our facebook group http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=17785669066&ref=share and/ or friend us on myspace at www.myspace.com/d_sips Soon pictures videos and audio recordings of our investigations will be available on these sites.

If you would like to suggest a possibly haunted site or would be willing to be interviewed about your paranormal experience(s) to aid in our investigations, please email us at dileo.paranormal.studies@gmail.com. All information is kept confidential unless written permission is given to make your statements public.

Thanks for reading. 
Brittany DiLeo
Meat Beat Manifesto Show 1 Week from Today! 
10:31am 15/04/2008
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TechNoir-Steampunk theme! 
11:57am 07/04/2008
  Come play dress up! Our next event will have a Steampunk theme!
Not sure what it is? Check out this site for more info! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steampunk

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Electronic Music Show this Friday 
09:47am 19/02/2008
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Weekend happenings 
09:39am 18/01/2008
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TechNoir presents: Arte Gothique! 
09:37am 12/11/2007
mood: busy
Technoir, the group that hosts Club Diablo’s monthly dance party featuring 80’s, Goth, Industrial, and EBM music, will be hosting an art show on the 16th of November, featuring a number of local artists.

Club Diablo has hosted several successful openings in the past usually focusing on 2 artists at a time. This will be the first group show hosted at the local nightclub.

These parties provide an alternative to the gallery scene and to get people who would not otherwise care about art out to see the work of some local talent.

The work will be on display in a real party atmosphere which guarantees a fun time for all.

Several pieces of artwork will be available to win in a fundraising raffle for Technoir. Tickets will be $1 a piece or $10 for an arm's length of tickets.

The list of artists includes:
Jim Wojcik
James Cole
Meagan Breen
Aaron Andrews
Ron Douglas
Melanie Beitel
Luke Copping
Jennifer Link and more....

The dance party will take place all through the night, from 11pm-4am

01:05pm 01/11/2007

Join us for our 4th monthly event!
This month TechNoir is proud to display art by local artists.
All work on display will be for sale.
Print raffles throughout the night!
This is a dance event, not just an art event.

TechNoir---this Friday 
11:11am 17/10/2007
  (This is not a Halloween costume party, but we encourage everyone to dress up in a gothic ballgown/tux style fashion)

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TechNoir-next weekend! 
02:05pm 08/10/2007
  Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket  
Tomorrow night! 
04:53pm 20/09/2007
  Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket  
Subaru for sale 
09:59pm 25/07/2007
  Anyone want to buy my car?

5spd 2005 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS (i.e., the base model), tires barely have 4000 miles, and I recently changed the oil. It might need front brake pads by the end of the year (I'll pull a wheel and look ASAP), and there's a door ding, but otherwise, it's in great shape.

I want to sell it because A) I don't like how much it costs to insure, and B) a while back, i actually read my financing agreement, and it turns out there's a $500 fee just to turn in my car at the end of the lease, never mind what other imperfections they'd try to charge me for.

Sensible offers are welcome.
09:00pm 28/03/2007
  Hey there. A few friends and I are going up to Toronto this Saturday and I was wondering if anyone knows anything cool going on there--festivals, cheap concerts, or general good sites to see other than your typical CN Tower/Eaton Center tour. We don't have that much money, but I'm convinced that we can have a pretty good time without spending a lot. Thanks.  
11:05pm 20/09/2006
  Hey guys my name is Michelle and I attend University at Buffalo. I am doing a service project for one of my classes with 5 other people and we have pretty much decided we want to clean up a park. Can anyone suggest a really filthy, sad park in the city of Buffalo? We want to help! Any ideas are much appreciated.

Also, if anyone knows, how many of Buffalo's parks are actually associated with Olmstead and his park/parkway plan? I would really like to help clean up a historical park if possible (providing it's not so nice). Thanks!

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Prison of the Psychotic Damned Movie Premier - CHANGE 
02:00pm 06/06/2006
  The Prison of the Psychotic Damned Movie Premier has changed. It is now a 17 years old + event. Tell your friends!